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Anissa’s Senior Portrait in Broomfield, CO | Tim Sutherland Photography

I had an absolute blast shooting Anissa’s senior portraits. We wanted to do something really cool that would incorporate traditional portraits with  lifestyle portraits. She is a swimmer, so she wanted her album to include pool shots. We pulled out all the stops and  hit three locations in two days. It all started in Broomfield, at one of my favorite parks. You can’t beat a place with plush grass, a little pond, and big, gorgeous trees. Plenty of opportunities for all of the looks and poses she wanted.

Senior-portraits-Broomfield, CO

Just like most days, we had an incredible blue Colorado sky. Just a small pop of light from a strobe brings it all out.

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Lifestyle Portraits (Tim Sutherland Photography Erie, CO)

The love of playing with light to create just the right mood – as a photographer, I’m always looking for the perfect light. If it’s not there, then I bring my own. One perfect thing I had to work with was the sky, but it was getting darker and darker by the second so we had to work quickly. Also, the mosquitoes were in full force, and starting to eat us alive. In less than 20 minutes we turned out a series of images that tells a story of what my daughter loves to do and what she is all about. I will be proud to show off these portraits in our living room as a collage or group of canvases.


A nice little punch of light coming from two speed strobes is just enough  rim light to give it that moon lit feel.

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What to wear for your Family Portrait Session

What to wear for our family portrait session?


What to wear for our family portrait session is the question that is most frequently asked by my clients, and there is no one right answer. There are a few rules, but hey, sometimes rules are made to be broken.

classic-formal-portraits-denverHere are a few guidelines to help you choose what to wear on the day of your shoot. The number one thing is to just be yourself. If your family loves to get all dressed up from time to time, then show that off by having the ladies in beautiful dresses and the men looking sharp in suits and ties. Portraits such as this have a timeless and classic look, that make for beautiful Canvas Wraps. Do you like the thought of it, but you aren’t really sure? You can always bring your casual clothes as well.

Dress for the location where we will be holding the photo session. outdoor-portraits-boulderOutdoor sessions will obviously have a more natural look, so casual clothing usually works best. We recommend medium to dark jewel tones of black, green, brown, rust, wine or blue. Another thing to consider is that darker shades tend to be more slimming, while lighter colors or flesh tones can drain color from the face. The general rule of thumb is that wearing white will add 10 pounds and wearing dark or medium tones will subtract 10 pounds. Continue reading »

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Erie Tiger Sports Photography (Erie, CO. Sports Photography)

I love sports photography at least as much as Aaron loves his sports and it really shows in his portraits.

Recently, I had the opportunity to shoot a sports photo session of one of our Erie home town ball players. We met at one of  the local baseball diamonds in Erie, Colorado. I was looking for something a little different with this photo session, something you don’t see in your average baseball portraits. I wanted to be able to show off the dramatic sky, while also making sure my friend was well lit. Most importantly,  I wanted him to have fun, be himself, and just forget about the camera. We had a great time, and came up with some nice portraits and killer action shots!


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Guitars and Pickup Vintage Trucks (Thornton, Colorado)

These images are about Larry, his Vega guitar and and his pickup truck named Fred. The evening started out being  just about pictures of Fred. Larry had me meet him at his place in Thornton to take a few images of his Vintage Chevy pickup truck. I took the photos that he needed, but I felt like there was still some work to do…


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A little father son time ( in Boulder, CO)

A perfect day for a little father son time AND to get out with my new Nikon D800. What started out to be just a quick drive up the road to take a few shots of the mountains, turned out to be an all day adventure. We started out at the base of the mountain photographing the beautiful Boulder Flat Irons and the big fluffy clouds. I was even lucky enough to find some flowers for the foreground (not easy this time of the year).


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