A little about me


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My name is Tim Sutherland and I am a portrait photographer based out of Erie, Colorado. I do most of my work in Boulder and Denver counties, but I’ve been known to venture out to other places from time to time. As a portrait photographer, I am very lucky to live in the beautiful state of Colorado where the great outdoors is my studio.

Lighting is the one thing about photography that I’m most obsessed with. I never stop learning about it and I love to try new things. Improper lighting means missing out on so much detail in your images. When a subject is properly lit, it not only fills in unwanted shadows but also adds fine detail to the hair, adds a little sparkle to the eyes, and helps bring out the color saturation and detail to the background.

My style has a classic, high contrast look. I like bold bright colors, and the moody classic look of black and white. I prefer happy, natural expressions. You will never hear me say “say cheese!”, or tell a child to smile.  I invite you to enjoy the galleries on my website to get a feel for what I do.

My children have taken an interest in photography (picture of me on this page was taken by my 8 year old son, Bryan). I guess they figure, if you can’t beat ’em,  join ’em. They are learning about composition, a little about lighting and what it takes to make a good image. Maybe someday they will run the business. I get a kick out of seeing the look on peoples faces when they see an 8 year old with a DSLR rockin’ a 200mm lens.

I addition to camera work, I like to enjoy the outdoors with my family. I love to fly fish, camp, and ride bikes. One of my favorite things to do is to hike with my children and our Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Last year we did our first 14er together!