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A Senior Portrait Knee Deep in Sunflowers

August is here! That means sunflowers in Colorado. If you’re a high school senior and you love the look of a big, warm sunflower field, then you need to consider booking your senior session for August. And, it’s a great look for families too!

We had been shooting around Boulder and Erie for a couple of hours. We figured it was worth checking out some open spaces around town for a sunset shot to finish up the session. I’m a big fan of shooting the late evening portrait with big skies, with dark and dramatic lighting…It’s kinda my thing.

We just happened to stumble upon this sunflower field that overlooks Old Town Erie. Okay, the shots in these photos weren’t exactly taken in a sunflower field, but more of a field with some sunflowers. To be honest, it was more like a few small flower patches in a giant field. We definitely made the best of what we had and got a lot of great shots in a short amount of time.

Senior girl in sunflower field

What I love about this photo is how the sun rays are just barley entering the frame, back lighting the flowers and adding a real warm feel to the image. The reflector on camera right bounces the sunlight back into Alisha’s face giving her a natural Rembrandt lighting effect. The reflector also gives her a nice little sparkle in her eyes. Using just the natural light, a camera, and a reflector made this a simple portrait with a natural look and that’s what I love about this photo.


warn portrait of senior girl in a field holding a sunflower

This is her dad’s favorite. He loves the warm, hazy glow of his daughter standing peacefully in the field of sunflowers . It hangs on his wall as a 20×30 Wall Portrait.

I don’t know that I have actually ever seen a giant sunflower field in Colorado, like they have in Kansas and in the Dakotas, but with some careful posing and lighting, we can make you look pretty darn good standing knee deep in sunflowers.

If you like my style…

Check out more of my senior portraits on my website or right here on my blog. If you like my style, sent me a message or give me a call and I will send you some information. 

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Old Cars, Saxophones and Senior Portraits

I had a great senior portrait shoot with Joe. We traveled around Erie hitting up several of my favorite locations in town to get a nice variety of looks for their slideshow and senior portrait album. Erie is a pretty old town that still has a lot of open space that makes for really nice sundown portraits, so we saved that time for the car shots. We did this part of the session a sweet looking 1935 Chevy Roadster. We had to do a little off road driving to get to this semi remote location, but we figured that the Roadster was born for dirt roads and that it probably felt right at home on the dirt.

I really enjoy photographing musicians, so I begged to do a quick studio session with Joe and his sax to finish off the day. It was getting late and I didn’t want to take up too much more of his time, so we made that portion of the shoot pretty snappy. I’ve been known to take the shot then yell out ” just one more shot!”. I know I have a problem and I have been working on it. My name is Tim and I’m a shot-a-holic!

I really enjoyed my time working with Joe and his family. I had a great time and I’m proud to show off his senior portraits that we made right here in our own home town of Erie.

erie senior boy outdoor portrait

casual outdoor senior portraits

senior boy with chevy roadster

Erie senior portrait with vitage car   senior boy in erie with old car

senior portrait with sax

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Outdoor Senior Portraits in Boulder

Outdoor senior portraits - Erie CO B lack and White senior portraits - Erie CO Outdoor senior portraits - Erie CO Outdoor senior portraits - Erie CO

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The light was warm, but the temperature was not for this senior portrait session

We photographed this senior girl in the fall at Thomas Reservoir. The late evening light was warm, but the temperature was not, so to keep her from getting too miserable, we had to work kinda fast. She never complained, but she had to be freezing, because  she wasn’t exactly dressed for comfort. We walked around and hit a few different locations around the water, but after about a half hour the goose pimples were starting to show. A senior portrait session usually goes for around two hours or so, but we wrapped this one up in record time. Even though we didn’t shoot long, we got enough variety for her yearbook photo. They also picked out a selection of gift prints for her friends and family, and a nice sized wall portrait for mom and dad to enjoy while she is off to collage. 

elihant high school senior portrait

eligant portrait of senior girl  high school senior yearbook photo

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Senior Portrait Day – We’re Bringing the Jeep

I asked if they were bringing any props to their senior portrait day and they said “yes, we’re bringing the Jeep!” And I said “awesome!” I was pretty excited because I love Jeeps and I haven’t photographed a senior in a Jeep in quite a few years. Even back then the Jeep didn’t belong to any of us, we just borrowed it from someone in a local coffee shop. We also managed to score full access to a flower shop and a firetruck that day. You’ll just have to see for yourself. (click)

To be able to look back in your senior portrait album 20 years from now and see some photos of you and your old ride, I think would be priceless.  

So if you’re lucky enough to have something as cool as an old Jeep, pickup truck, hot rod, or firetruck, go ahead and bring it…or maybe we can just borrow one.

Erie high school senior with jeep on a fall afternoon

senior boy enjoying a fall day

Erie high scool senior boy in erie co with Jeep on a fall day

Senior portrait of guy with his Jeep in the background

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Sports photography – this time hockey

I have photographed kids playing sports for years, but I have never been lucky enough to shoot a hockey player on an actual sheet of ice. I love hockey and photography, so for me to be able to put both things together made this one of my favorite portrait sessions of 2016.

hockey wrist shot

hockey player spraying ice

A locker room shot of a hockey player

hockey player showing his skills

sports photography hockey face off

A black and white hockey portrait with American Flag in the background

Check out my Sports Page to see more of my sports Photography.

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A Four Generation Family Portrait

This may have been the most touching family portrait sessions I have ever had the pleasure to photograph. Four generations came together for this family portrait that my daughter and I photographed at the client’s home in Erie. I am very proud to have been chosen to photograph this important moment in this family’s life.

great great grandpa holding his great great grandson

These two are on either end of four generations and this was the first time they had ever met. What a great moment. 


black and white of a four generation family

Four generations of boys.

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Springtime Family Photos

Springtime Family Photos in Erie

happy springtime family portrait

green outdoor teen photo

erie family portrairs

springtime brother sister portrait

springtime family portrait

springtime family portrait

outdoor family pictures

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Mama still loves me

This is Stacie and Josh. Josh is a champion English Bulldog that does exactly what his mom asks of him under some of the most distracting conditions.

Until today.

I was photographing this handsome fella for a magazine spread that was due like… yesterday! I was really psyched because I’ve been wanting to photograph a bulldog since forever ago! Stacie (the handler) was doing everything she could to get Josh execute the perfect stack. For those that don’t know (like me) Stacking is when the dog is shown stands squarely with each leg placed into a specific position. Well Joshes feet kept sliding out from underneath because of the slippery floor.

It was getting hot, Josh was tiered from sliding all over the studio and he was WAY sick of my camera being in his face. We did come away with a few usable shots, but mom was a little frustrated and slightly disappointed, but as you can see from the photo, all was forgiven and mama still loves him anyhow.

show English Bulldog with owner

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When it rains, it pours, but it’s all good!

In Colorado, when it rains, it pours, but luckily it doesn’t usually last long. The rain and hail was coming down in sheets just a half an hour before this session started. There was even a tornado watch! Like they say in Colorado: If you don’t like the weather, then just wait a minute. Bad weather usually leads to beautiful portraits, just as it did for this family, so don’t let a little wet weather scare you off.Erie Colorado family portrait after a storm Outdoor tween kid photosOutdoor portraits of teen girlsoutdoor photo of mom with her 3 girls


Outdoor portrait of happy husband an wife

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