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California Memories

It has been a long time since I’ve had a chance to visit my home state of California. I just recently flew out to there to visit and stay with my dad for a week. I didn’t have a lot of time during my stay, but I was able to get out for a few hours one evening with my camera. Charles (also a photographer) was one of my best friends growing up, he took me to the harbor that’s in and around the Orange County area and set me up with these scenes. I forgot just how beautiful California could be! This little outing really brought back some of the old memories times I would wake up before sunrise, grab my Canon A1, several rolls of Ektachrome 64 slide film and spend to whole day driving up and down the coast taking photographs. I’m looking forward to doing that again someday, maybe I’ll even dig out my old camera and some film. California - Tim Sutherland_0036California - Tim Sutherland_0031
California - Tim Sutherland_0035California - Tim Sutherland_0038California - Tim Sutherland_0030California - Tim Sutherland_0032
California - Tim Sutherland_0039 California - Tim Sutherland_0034

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Favorite Family Portrait Location

It’s my favorite time of the year and one of my favorite family portrait locations. The trees are just  starting to turn that amazing golden color and before we know it, the leaves will all be gone.
erie-outdoor-portrait-locationerie-outdoor-portrait-location sawhill ponds autumn in boulderChesapeake Bay Retreaver

I couldn’t resist but to sneak in a shot of my girl getting a little R&R during our walk.

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Happy Halloween from Darth Skater

Darth Vader-Halloween-Tim Sutherland PhotographyHave a happy and safe Halloween from Darth Skater and Tim Sutherland Photography!


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Lifestyle Portraits (Tim Sutherland Photography Erie, CO)

The love of playing with light to create just the right mood – as a photographer, I’m always looking for the perfect light. If it’s not there, then I bring my own. One perfect thing I had to work with was the sky, but it was getting darker and darker by the second so we had to work quickly. Also, the mosquitoes were in full force, and starting to eat us alive. In less than 20 minutes we turned out a series of images that tells a story of what my daughter loves to do and what she is all about. I will be proud to show off these portraits in our living room as a collage or group of canvases.


A nice little punch of light coming from two speed strobes is just enough  rim light to give it that moon lit feel.

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Guitars and Pickup Vintage Trucks (Thornton, Colorado)

These images are about Larry, his Vega guitar and and his pickup truck named Fred. The evening started out being  just about pictures of Fred. Larry had me meet him at his place in Thornton to take a few images of his Vintage Chevy pickup truck. I took the photos that he needed, but I felt like there was still some work to do…


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A little father son time ( in Boulder, CO)

A perfect day for a little father son time AND to get out with my new Nikon D800. What started out to be just a quick drive up the road to take a few shots of the mountains, turned out to be an all day adventure. We started out at the base of the mountain photographing the beautiful Boulder Flat Irons and the big fluffy clouds. I was even lucky enough to find some flowers for the foreground (not easy this time of the year).


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