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Mama still loves me

This is Stacie and Josh. Josh is a champion English Bulldog that does exactly what his mom asks of him under some of the most distracting conditions.

Until today.

I was photographing this handsome fella for a magazine spread that was due like… yesterday! I was really psyched because I’ve been wanting to photograph a bulldog since forever ago! Stacie (the handler) was doing everything she could to get Josh execute the perfect stack. For those that don’t know (like me) Stacking is when the dog is shown stands squarely with each leg placed into a specific position. Well Joshes feet kept sliding out from underneath because of the slippery floor.

It was getting hot, Josh was tiered from sliding all over the studio and he was WAY sick of my camera being in his face. We did come away with a few usable shots, but mom was a little frustrated and slightly disappointed, but as you can see from the photo, all was forgiven and mama still loves him anyhow.

show English Bulldog with owner

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Sisters (What I love About This Shot)

People (especially kids) often find themselves more relaxed as the photo session goes on. After ten or fifteen minutes we all get to know each other a little better, and they start getting used to the camera. These two, however, were ready to go from the very first click. In fact this photograph WAS the very first click!

The sisters are very close, but they couldn’t be anymore opposite in personalities. One of the sisters was kind of quiet and shy, yet acted very elegant during the shoot. The other was spunky, a little gritty and ready to take on the world. Can you tell which is which?

These girls made a big impact on me, as they were very well mannered, have strong family values and seem to really look  out for each other. And that is exactly what I love about this Shot. When I look at this image,  to me, it portrays all those qualities that are important in a family.
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Little Dancer (What I Love About This Shot)

Little Dancer

This photograph was taken in Old Town Erie, CO as a promo for an idea I had to hold outdoor portrait sessions for young dancers. The dance studio had their own portrait photographer who came in every year to photograph all the dancers, and they did a great job. But, lets face it, all the pictures were pretty much the same – especially when the girls had been dancing for years. This was the perfect opportunity for me to provide parents with portraits of their dancers that were unique, powerful, moody, and dramatic – all the things I love to see in a portrait.

The sun had just gone down behind the church and it made a beautiful silhouette, perfect to get that powerful, moody portrait that I was looking for – sometimes things just work out. All I needed to do was to pump enough light into the scene to give the image an emotional, yet elegant feel. All that being said, the thing I love most about this shot is that the Little Dancer is also my little girl. She’s standing tall, looking  proud, and full of confidence doing what she loved to do back then. This photo was taken back in 2011, and although she doesn’t take dance classes anymore I will always think of her as my little ballerina.
Ballet Dancer_0003