A Senior Portrait Knee Deep in Sunflowers

August is here! That means sunflowers in Colorado. If you’re a high school senior and you love the look of a big, warm sunflower field, then you need to consider booking your senior session for August. And, it’s a great look for families too!

We had been shooting around Boulder and Erie for a couple of hours. We figured it was worth checking out some open spaces around town for a sunset shot to finish up the session. I’m a big fan of shooting the late evening portrait with big skies, with dark and dramatic lighting…It’s kinda my thing.

We just happened to stumble upon this sunflower field that overlooks Old Town Erie. Okay, the shots in these photos weren’t exactly taken in a sunflower field, but more of a field with some sunflowers. To be honest, it was more like a few small flower patches in a giant field. We definitely made the best of what we had and got a lot of great shots in a short amount of time.

Senior girl in sunflower field

What I love about this photo is how the sun rays are just barley entering the frame, back lighting the flowers and adding a real warm feel to the image. The reflector on camera right bounces the sunlight back into Alisha’s face giving her a natural Rembrandt lighting effect. The reflector also gives her a nice little sparkle in her eyes. Using just the natural light, a camera, and a reflector made this a simple portrait with a natural look and that’s what I love about this photo.


warn portrait of senior girl in a field holding a sunflower

This is her dad’s favorite. He loves the warm, hazy glow of his daughter standing peacefully in the field of sunflowers . It hangs on his wall as a 20×30 Wall Portrait.

I don’t know that I have actually ever seen a giant sunflower field in Colorado, like they have in Kansas and in the Dakotas, but with some careful posing and lighting, we can make you look pretty darn good standing knee deep in sunflowers.

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