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What to get Dad for his birthday…

I love being able to watch my clients’ children grow up in front of my camera. They go from wide-eyed toddlers to young people with their own ideas and passions for sports, music, and a host of other things. These two guys are a couple of my favorites to  photograph. They’re happy, and extremely outgoing, every time I see them – and they love their sports!

The first time I took sports portraits of them was about three years ago. It was a surprise gift for their dad.  Mom brought them to the studio with a car load of dad’s high school football equipment and his Letterman’s Jacket. The idea was to use their dad’s beloved sports gear as props with his kids. The guys had a blast, and the gift was a huge success.

Now, these two have a new baby sister. After the traditional family portraits were taken, my buddies pulled out their own jerseys! Their passion is hockey, with a little bit of football mixed in. I look forward to watching these two, and their sister, grow into true athletes. I also look forward to documenting some successful careers!  

PortraitsThe photographs on the left were taken in March of 2010. The one’s on the right were done November 2013. Continue reading »

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